Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fugu Plan

I wanted to do T'fillin before my journey to Japan, so I trudged down to the UW Chabad house but found the location abandoned to an AEP frat house. I made a call to the Seattle Chabad and found out that there was another place a few blocks away. I called the rabbi and he gave me directions to his house. I trudged with all my stuff to find Rabbi Estrin's house. He was a young Rabbi with a young family. Some Chabadniks were also there, preparing for an outdoor camping adventure. I got to do t'fillin and we chatted about Jews all over the world and especially in Japan. He informed me of something an amazing story that I will look into: the Fugu Plan.

Apparently, the Fugu Plan, named for the pufferfish- a delicacy that is poisonous if prepared incorrectly, was a Japanese plan around WWII to settle the Jews in Japan so that they could help the Japanese control the world. The Japanese got their info on the Jews from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, so if the Jews were so powerful then the Japanese would settle them in small colonies in Japan and use their power to take over the world. There was a book about it, which the Rabbi showed me. The wiki entry scoffs on the veracity of it, but it sounds interesting to me. I will keep you dear readers posted on the story.

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